See how girls and guys broadcast themselves.

Livecam become a new industry in China, young students, newly married couples, retired street workers, they all join this rapid growing business. Our guys manage to peep in their VIP rooms to record these vids for you guys. Join us to download the footage.

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361-1 [31-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:36:15

[Keywords] Pussy close-up

[Highlight] I am sorry they were speaking a kind of Chinese dialect which I do not understand, no way to comment.
360-1 [28-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:37:54

[Keywords] Pussy close-up

[Highlight] This woman said she got "ShangHuo" because no one fucked her. Do you know what is "ShangHuo"? Go google it, as it is really difficult to explain to a non Chinese culture person.
359-3 [24-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:52:54

[Keywords] Squirting

[Highlight] This woman must watched too much Japanese AV as she spoke Japanese when she was near to come.
359-2 [24-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:39:01

[Keywords] Rim, Toy

[Highlight] The woman did another show.
359-1 [24-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 01:01:47

[Keywords] Toy, Pussy close-up, Rim, Squirting

[Highlight] The woman played her pussy and ass hole, there was a squirt as well.
358-1c [21-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:49:05


[Highlight] Part 3
358-1b [21-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:59:16


[Highlight] Part 2
358-1a [21-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:57:50

[Keywords] Masturbation

[Highlight] This girl talked non sense for about two hours, finally, she did good thing, she bring herself to the orgasm.
357-1 [17-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:38:34

[Keywords] Breast milk, toy,

[Highlight] The woman said her husband is having an affair outside and refused to fuck her.
356-1 [14-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:33:10

[Keywords] Pussy close-up

[Highlight] The girl said her pussy hole is small, it did look small, tight and juicy??
355-1 [10-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:06:09

[Keywords] Toy

[Highlight] See this pink dildo like thing, it is specially designed by the livecam platform. Watchers can send vibration using token.
354-2b [07-01-19]
[Video length in hh:mm:ss] 00:56:59


[Highlight] Part 2

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